• Title: Skater Kids Won't Be Bad (玩滑板的孩子不會變壞)
  • Artist: 831
  • Runtime: 3:22   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: May 13, 2017

Skater kids are not necessarily street kids, because they possess unique personalities that bad kids don't have. In The Last Day of Summer/831's (八三夭) Skater Kids Won't Be Bad (玩滑板的孩子不會變壞), it explained why.

Written and composed by 831, Skater Kids Won't Be Bad was included in the band's recent album Survival Guide (生存指南). Used as the advertising song for instant noodle product (科學麵) from Uni-President Enterprises Corp., the song used its Punk-rock style and easy-to-read-loud language to target the youth group.

The lyrics echoed the song's title by comparing skating to life. Because kids always get up after they fall when they are skating, they can easily build the strong and never-give-up personality; therefore, they can't become bad kids, as they will never give up on life.

In the music video, 831 went on a road trip and met groups of friends. Being young and energized, they did a lot of fun things. They were partying, skating, swimming, dancing, and touring, or just biking in the mountains. With 831's upbeat rhythm and rocky voice in the background, the audience can sense the energy and happiness overflow out of the soundtrack, making them feel young and blood-boiling.

Skater Kids Won't Be Bad did its magic in delivering the positive upward side of being young. Using Skating as the representing activity for youth, the song emphasized that being young is to seek challenge, not give up, and find and maximize own limit. When you continue improving yourself, you will not be a bad kid; you can only be an attractive and upbeat kid.

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