• Title: Red Thread (赤の糸)
  • Artist: 8utterfly
  • Runtime: 5:20   Language: Japanese
  • Date: July 29, 2017

RED THREAD (赤の糸) by 8utterfly is the 13th and final closing track of her latest album, wordrobe. The title and video draw from the cultural belief in East Asian societies that destined lovers are bound by a red string of fate that will draw them together and cement their relationship for eternity.

Indeed, this image does evocatively capture the theme of the song, which is the woman’s belief in, and desire to maintain a strong and unbreakable bond with her lover, one that would allow her to “pull [him] close” and become entwined with his being. Further keeping with the characteristics of the red thread in folklore, the lyrics include an open confession by the women about her lifelong yearning to find what was waiting for her at the other end of this thread, only to be given the pleasant surprise of finding her ideal man.

Additionally, the video also depicts that the woman even tends to get tangled in her own threads and becomes unable to move, stuck to the past, memories and other thoughts until the lover intervenes and restores her to her normal self. However, when both lovers are together, the thread does not coil, tangle or trip either of them, instead, it allows them to move in unison, as can be seen from the dancers performing a graceful dance, whether that is in the bright sunlit meadows by day, or by the passionate flames of love by night, held in the center by an older third person, whose age is a symbol for the everlasting relationship that will stand the test of time. This underscores the eternal nature of this relationship that can truly be called a match made in heaven.

On the side note, 8utterfly will be holding her next live performance at the KOMAGANE MUSIC FESTA 2017 in Japan on the 1st of October.

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