• Title: GO (一直走)
  • Artist: A-Lin
  • Runtime: 3:19   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: August 7, 2017

Life is short, and will not stop for anyone. As the life clock goes on and on, how to live the best of your life? In A-Lin's (阿玲) new single GO (一直走), she spelt out the secret of having a happy life.

The lyrics introduced A-Lin's trip of freedom, and described the beautiful views she saw along the way. The waves are foamy like beer, and the beaches are fully of white and shiny sand. Every scene included in the lyrics reflected the singer's happy and relaxed mood. While the heart does not have a path neither an end, a happy day can be as easy as following your heart and feelings and keeping on going.

The music video used full motion control as well as other digital technologies, which is one of the first in the Chinese pop history. In the MV, a book brought A-Lin into her fantasy trip. With light and cheerful pace, A-Lin walked through the forest, met the sika-deer, stepped over the rivers, and flew across the buildings on a cassette plate. As she was roaming in the sea of star and the multi-dimensional space, her happiness overflew out of the screen with her charming voice into the audiences' heart.

You can choose whether to have a happy life. In the life journey, you may encounter many difficulties or sadness; however, if you can keep a positive mind, follow your heart, and keep on going, you can certainly feel the colorful world around you.

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