• Title: Without Ending (無期)
  • Artist: AGA
  • Runtime: 5:58   Language: Cantonese
  • Date: February 5, 2018

When you stayed in your lover’s arms, have you ever wished such warmth and relationship could continue without an ending? In AGA’s (江海迦) newest single Without Ending (無期), it described this kind of anxious feeling. But the music arrangement combined with gorgeous string and R&B styles provided the romantic feeling to the listeners.

Composed by AGA and written by Lin Ruo Ning (林若寧), the lyric described a romantic dream in which AGA had sweet time with the one she loves. In this dream, she enjoyed being in her lover’s arms, but at the meantime worried about losing him when the dawn came. She was hoping the time together can be unlimited, so he can be with her at every moment.

In the music video, AGA walked alone in a world covered with snow and looked for memories of love, echoing the scene described in the lyrics. She walked through the forest, cold, but still couldn’t find the love. While she was on an empty stage with no audience, she played her solo. Although she looked gorgeous, it unfortunately delivered a sad and lonely feeling, and touched the audiences’ hearts.

Everyone wants to keep the dreamed person and things right by the side; however, the reality does not always go with people’s wishes. Instead of chasing for a fictitious dream, why not trying to hold up tight on what you already have? Life may be easier that way.

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