• Title: RE-BYE
  • Artist: AKMU
  • Runtime: 3:41   Language: Korean
  • Date: May 22, 2016

[SPOILER ALERT] read after watching MV. Brother-sister duo ‘Akdong Musician’ says Hello with their latest music video “RE-BYE”- a jazzy thriller that’s part vaudeville, attempted murder, and a whole lot of mystery. The lead track of their recent EP “SPRING”, “RE-BYE” is a solid and fun offering from the young folk-pop artists.

The colourful MV shows viewers that nothing is really what it seems and in the cutthroat business of entertainment, some people will do whatever it takes to get ahead. We get a taste of the lead character - an uptight diva with an attitude that she easily dishes to her clumsy assistant (played by AMKU’s Suhyun) when she accidentally drops the lead’s glass of water. It’s the beginning of a story about betrayal, attempted murder and trust.

The pair sing about the meaning of true friendship and deception, and it plays out in a theatre performance where the lead performer is being targeted to die. A chandelier crashes down during a live performance nearly killing her. We know that a suspension rope was set on fire and that this was no accident. Surely it’s the vengeful assistant trying to exact revenge, isn’t it?

When the main actress is to be executed by firing squad, an extra gets nervous when the gun is taken off the lead, and aimed at her. It’s a play, so why should she be nervous? Once fired, we see the smoking gun - through a series of flashbacks it’s revealed that the extra replaced a fake bullet with a live round, and that a feather matching her dress is found at the scene of the chandelier accident. It’s also revealed that the same extra tried to lace the lead’s glass of water with poison, but the assistant saw this and dropped the glass on purpose, in an attempt to save her boss’s life without scaring her before a performance.

The music was catchy and cool, and the MV has a great story with a twist that fans will watch it again and again.

Watch AKMU - Re-Bye - Dance Practice
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