• Title: Loser (敗將)
  • Artist: Andrew Tan
  • Runtime: 5:12   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: November 13, 2016

What is the best way to manage your emotion after a break-up? In Andrew Tan's “Loser” (敗將), he shared his point of view on how to handle the after-shock of ending a relationship. Included in Andrew's album “Dear Paranoia”, “Loser” delivered a decadent but attractive audio effect.

The lyrics narrated a course of maturity in mind, and encouraged people to step out of the memories and keep calm when facing the reality. Only those who live in the memories were losers, because they took the relationship too seriously and trapped themselves into it. Only if they understand that love is not everything, they can peacefully face the romantic blunder and move onto better lives.

To emphasize the decadent emotion described in the song, the music video took place in a dark room, where Andrew walked to his piano and started thinking of the lover he lost (starred by Ellen Wu, 吳子霏). While he imagined touching Ellen's face and smooth skin, he suddenly understood that all he used to possess had gone. If he continued living in the memories, he would shut the door to the bright future. He might have been a loser to the relationship because he couldn't get out of it. But luckily, once he understood that only lonely people live in the past, he could face it, put it down, and moved on.

While Andrew was promoting his "Dear Paranoia", he shot for several magazines for November, including Taipei Walker, Choc, and Cool!

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