• Title: Sweet Lies - Feat. The Barberettes
  • Artist: Baek A Yeon
  • Runtime: 3:23   Language: Korean
  • Date: June 4, 2017

With a title like Bittersweet, the new album from Baek A Yeon promises an experience that’s equal parts sugary and heart aching. Her music video for the single “Sweet Lies” is that bittersweet dessert. In the music video, Baek A Yeon sings about promises, the promises and expectations of unrequited love. She starts with the sweet good times, where even a promise of seeing a loved one can brighten a day, then she turns cold after constantly hearing the same promises turn into lies. With the help of The Barberettes and a soothing melody on the guitar, Baek A Yeon sings a tune that’s just as soft as it is scornful.

The “Sweet Lies” music video is like a trip to an art museum, it’s full of dream-like staircases to nowhere, dizzying patterns, and castles built of empty boxes. Despite the cute pastels and bright plants, the music video will leave you feeling as confused and teased as Baek A Yeon. Love often leads us to ignore the warning signs, and as Baek A Yeon sings, it can make something turn what was once sweet into something to be hated. Follow Baek A Yeon in “Sweet Lies” as she searches for something more than empty words and broken promises.

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