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  • 5-member rock band formed in July 2013
  • Members: Miku Kobato (小鳩 ミク) – Vocals, Guitar, Saiki Atsumi (厚見 彩姫) – Vocals, Kanami Tono (遠乃 歌波) – Guitar, Akane Hirose (廣瀬 茜) – drums, Misa – Bass
  • Genre: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
  • Initially was a four-piece member band but performed as a five-piece for the first time at the P Festival at Shibuya-AX after Saiki(Vocals) joined the group through an audition
  • Released a mini-album “Maid in Japan” in January 2014, a maxi single in August 2014 and a sophomore record “New Beginning” in November 2015
  • Record Label: Crown Record (present) , Gump Records, JPU Records
  • Popular Songs: REAL EXISTENCE, YOLO, Thrill, Alone, The Non-Fiction Days, Don’t you tell me
  • Albums: Just Bring It, YOLO, Ai to Jōnetsu no Matador, New Beginning
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"Choose me" is a track from BAND-MAID's newest single. "Choose me" is about the heart-pounding and...
"Daydreaming / Choose Me" is the 3rd newest single from the all-girl Japanese rock band, “Welcome home, master...
  • Albums
  • Daydreaming / Choose me
  • Single  ·  July 19, 2017
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