• Title: Not Letting It Go (不放手)
  • Artist: Ben Wu
  • Runtime: 4:10   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: June 26, 2016

Do you have someone hidden at the bottom of your heart, for whom you don’t dare to lose your life, but never get a chance to let him/her know? If so, you may find resonance in Ben Wu’s (吳思賢) new song, Not Letting It Go (不放手). This song is the ending theme song for PPTV’s web TV series, "Do You Know I Like You?" (我喜歡你, 你知道嗎?), in which Ben played the leading male role.

Not Letting It Go is the lead track of Ben’s newest mini album Hide and Seek (捉迷藏). The song was written by Huazhang Li (李華章), Pezen, and Junxiang Chan (陳駿翔), and echoed the crush stories played in the TV series.

Co-starred by GuiGui Emma Wu (鬼鬼 吳映潔), the music video narrated the unspoken love between Ben and Emma. In the video, Ben modeled a character who kept on chasing after Emma’s looming shadow in an abandoned building, just like he chased the only brightness in his barren love-life. However, although he was in deep love with Emma, the reality was they couldn’t become couples in the real world. “Don’t want to let it go, but it is too late.” Nothing can save a missed romance, and the only possibility left is to be friends with hope and illusion. Enjoy the song, and enjoy the moment. Maybe today is a great time for confession, because you are Not Letting It Go.

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