• Bio
  • Bii (Bi Shu Jin – 畢書盡)
  • Born in South Korea on 7 July, 1989 (Cancer)
  • Taiwanese singer, actor and songwriter
  • Lived in Korea and at 17 years old, he was once scouted by SM Entertainment, but had his mother reject the offer
  • Debuted as a Chinese singer in 2010 with his first EP album, "Bii"
  • Record label: Linfair
  • Popular songs: Come Back To Me, I’m Still Missing You (我還想念你), I Will By Your Side, Zhuan Shen Zhi Hou (轉身之後), Nothing But Happiness (幸福無關)
  • Albums: Bii Story, Come Back To Bii, Action Bii
  • Drama: Chong Wu Yen (鍾無艷), Love Around (真愛黑白配), Someone Like You (聽見幸福), Bromance (愛上哥們)
  • Videos
One of the most unfortunate events between a couple is being unable to be with each other, or even worse, for eternity. In his...
One of the deepest kind of love is where one gives his all to another, to the point where separation or losing the loved ones...
Bii’s newly released album “I’M Bii TO THE DOUBLE i” features a bubbly and romantic love song...
All you did, was leaving me an empty and unfeeling heart. Bii made his fans go all eye-teary with him in his new ballad...
  • Albums
  • Bii Your Light
  • Album  ·  October 5, 2017
  1. Be Your Light
  2. You're Gone
  3. Nothing At All
  4. My Girl
  5. Egg (蛋)
  6. I Need You Girl (愛你就夠了)
  7. Red n' Hot
  8. Let's Drunk
  9. Think Of You (我想你了)
  10. In Your World (在你的世界)
  • Nothing At All
  • Single  ·  September 1, 2017
  • I’m Bii To The Double i
  • Album  ·  June 6, 2016
  1. Catch Your Double Eye
  2. Funky Boy
  3. 38
  4. I Will Miss You
  5. Love Magic (愛戀魔法)
  6. Tender Love (愛是妳給的溫柔)
  7. All You Did (都是你害的)
  8. Maybe Baby
  9. Sweet Little Baby
  10. Endless Forget (遺忘無盡)
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