• Title: AS IF IT'S YOUR LAST (마지막처럼)
  • Artist: BLACKPINK
  • Runtime: 3:36   Language: Korean
  • Date: July 2, 2017

If you’re looking for a music video that’s a treat for your eyes and ears, look no further. “AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST (마지막처럼)” is a song about the joys and frustrations of new love, paired with a music video that is its own love letter to good times . “AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST” is a showcase of BLACKPINK’s self expression, and it’s just as catchy as it is creative.

Usually when you fall, you need someone to catch you. For BLACKPINK, the same thing is true in love. In the song, they ask to be caught when they fall in love. Hopeful and frustrated, BLACKPINK sings out their wish to feel a romance as intense as a last love. “AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST”, is all of the excitement and impatience of falling in love, played in a song that feels like a fun night out.

In their new music video, the members of BLACKPINK sing and rap sweetly over a funky beat that you can dance to and sing along with. “AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST” is worth a watch, with the artistic fashion, bubbly choreography, and love-struck mood, there’s sure to be something to catch your eye!

Watch BLACKPINK - AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST - Dance Practice
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