• Title: PLAYING WITH FIRE (불장난)
  • Artist: BLACKPINK
  • Runtime: 3:28   Language: Korean
  • Date: November 13, 2016

BLACKPINK’s new song ‘PLAYING WITH FIRE’ is sure to sizzle your hearts. The song was released as one of the lead track for their second single SQUARE TWO in early November. The song itself showcases the different talents of the members and the diversity of their voices. It comes together really well as each individual member of BLACKPINK is able to personalize their voice.

The song is about someone that falls hard for a person and has a strong desire to want to be with them even though they were warned before that it would be dangerous. Even so, they would do anything to be with that person and can’t seem to control their emotions.

The music video itself centers around the theme of fire to go along with the meaning of the song and each member is given ample screen time for them to portray these emotions, including dancing to a fiery background and showcasing their sleek dance moves. Be sure not to miss ‘PLAYING WITH FIRE’, as the song, along with their dance moves are sure to set your heart ablaze.

Watch BLACKPINK - PLAYING WITH FIRE - Dance Practice Video
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