• Title: WHISTLE (휘파람)
  • Artist: BLACKPINK
  • Runtime: 3:50   Language: Korean
  • Date: August 14, 2016

Want something a little different from the usual bubblegum Korean girl group? Listen to the newly released song "WHISTLE" from the just debuted girl group "BLACKPINK", produced by Teddy Park with Future Bounce. The girl group, consisting of four members had just recently released their first single "SQUARE ONE". Sure to pack a punch, BLACKPINK’s members are not only multinational, they’re also multi-talented.

In the music video, members showcase their different talents by singing, dancing and rapping to the hip hop tune. The girls are dressed in different outfits mostly giving off a gangster vibe with the music video giving ample air time for each individual member. From posing on a globe, to sitting on a horse and floating in mid-air while reading a book, the video itself doesn’t seem to have a specific theme, but the girls pull it off with their sultry vibes. The lyrics talk about falling for a boy and trying to get his attention which I don’t think "BLACKPINK" will have a problem with for listeners all over the world with this beat.

Watch BLACKPINK - WHISTLE - Hot Debut Live Performance
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