• Title: Glider
  • Artist: Boyfriend
  • Runtime: 4:26   Language: Japanese
  • Date: June 19, 2016

"Glider" is the newest Japanese single by Korean boy band Boyfriend. The song has an aerial theme, with the boys working together on both real planes and small flying drones. "Glider" is about sending your feelings to someone you care for very much, picturing those feelings traveling along an updraft through the blue sky. As the song progresses, the lyrics also express how affection, over time, becomes love.

The story which plays out in the MV itself is a little different from the lyrics. During the video, we watch a young man (Kwangmin) finding inspiration to continue to work on planes (and eventually to fly them) from an old photograph. Many of the details of the story are left untold, allowing each viewer to see in the young man a little of themselves and, perhaps, mentors they have known.

Like many kpop groups, Boyfriend alternates verses of English rap with pop-style Japanese lyrics; and along with the story sections of the video there are, naturally, also segments (many of them on an airport runway) which showcase a unique and memorable dance. Glider was composed and arranged by Yoshimasa Inoue, who has also had a hand in many AKB48 songs.

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