• Title: ChristmasTime ~Only You~ (~君だけを~)
  • Artist: BTOB
  • Runtime: 5:24   Language: Japanese
  • Date: December 23, 2016

"ChristmasTime ~Only You~" is part of Korean all-boy group BTOB's first Japanese-language album, titled "24/7." Like many holiday stories written for Japanese audiences, the song intrinsically blends Christmas with courtship, telling a heartwarming winter-themed tale. In a world where love stories are often filled with drama and crossed purposes, it is a relaxing change to listen to BtoB's bright, uplifting melody and watch a pleasingly uncomplicated romance play out to its happy conclusion.

The setup for the "ChristmasTime" video is very similar to some of BtoB's other videos, such as "Dear Bride," where one member of the group is the hero of a love drama and the rest of the members excitedly watch the story play out, sometimes seeming to be part of the story themselves and sometimes seeming almost like a gaggle of faeries visible only to the hero.

However, this time the video is a lighthearted departure from BtoB's usual meticulously choreographed and elaborately costumed MV style. The group members are all in ordinary sweaters or simple suits, and when they dance it is completely out of synch -- but also entirely in a spirit of fun. The BtoB members all seem completely relaxed, acted freely, lending the video an almost behind-the-scenes feel and giving fans a chance to see their favorite stars being a little cute.

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