• Title: I'll Be Your Man (기도)
  • Artist: BTOB
  • Runtime: 3:46   Language: Korean
  • Date: November 13, 2016

BTOB’s recently released new song ‘I’ll Be Your Man’ which is the lead track of their latest mini album ‘New Men’ is an emotionally charged song. The song itself starts off slow, giving off the impression that it might be a ballad. However, it soon quickly picks the in tempo while showcasing BTOB’s vocal talents.

The music video matches the intensity of the song as it tells a dramatic story of betrayal while utilizing different backdrops such as a church adorned with colorful window panes and a snowy background. The lyrics of the song resonates with the video as it talks about someone that wants their significant other to give them a second chance. At some point, there must have been a breakup and now the person regrets it, wants to be with the one that they love again.

On top of showcasing their variety of vocal styles, BTOB also provides a little taste of their dance talents along with their versatile acting. Take a listen to this song from this talented boy group comprising of seven members and you’ll be sure to not regret it.

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