• Title: L.U.V
  • Artist: BTOB
  • Runtime: 5:06   Language: Japanese
  • Date: June 26, 2016

"L.U.V" is Korean group BTOB's newest Japanese-language single. It is the first of their Japanese singles to achieve number one on the Oricon Daily Chart. "L.U.V" is a melancholy song about loving someone a great deal, but needing to love them more.

The video is artistically made and the exact story behind the music is left to speculation. Much can be imagined from images of a shuttered house and of a single flower. Sometimes the flower is cut apart, sometimes it is held tenderly, and sometimes sent away on the wind. One scene in the house -- the lighting of a birthday cake -- at first seems to be joyful, but eventually the camera pans out and the viewer can see furniture draped in plastic as if for storage, and the fact that the man lighting the candles sits alone. Perhaps it is a part of a fading memory of another time, or perhaps it is what has come to pass after a breaking off of a romance or a friendship. The abstract nature of "L.U.V" allows the viewer to see a little bit of themselves in the lyrics.

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