• Title: Missing You (그리워하다)
  • Artist: BTOB
  • Runtime: 4:54   Language: Korean
  • Date: October 22, 2017

BTOB’s soulful charms are back with the new song entitled “Missing You”, from their 2nd regular album “Brother Act.”. “Missing You” is a song about how missing an ex-lover feels like, even after a long period of time.

In the lyrics, BTOB talks about the empty feeling of separation. It doesn’t feel any much different, not even awkward. There is optimism in the prospect of looking back and caring about the past, the feeling of relief about the thought of letting go of the leftover feelings. But just when they think they’re able to answer the questions that were left unanswered, they become trapped. Time moves forward yet they’re stuck, unable to make a move because there is too much longing, too much yearning even as another day flitters into a year. It is a pain trying to convince themselves that everything will be fine, but the memories stir the hopes in their hearts to see her again someday. They miss her, they long for her, and only her.

The sincerity of BTOB’s longing is clearly depicted in the music video of “Missing You”. Their voices charm us into the sweet sadness of missing the one we will always yearn for. “Missing You” is an easy melody that fills the heart, a must-listen song with a must-watch music video.

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