• Title: Gym of Agony (煉獄健身室)
  • Artist: C AllStar
  • Runtime: 4:43   Language: Cantonese
  • Date: May 7, 2017

Ever thought how do men, who typically suppress their emotions, overcome the agony of a heartbreak?

On Chan from Hong Kong boyband C AllStar, released a ballad “Gym of Agony” (煉獄健身室) from their latest EP “LoveaHolic Vol.2”, which reveals how men cope with a breakup. The lyrics of the song are written by famous Cantopop lyrist Wyman Wong, where he talks about a man who spends his time day and night at the gym to forget about his agony of a broken relationship. His sorrow is so deep that he does not even care if he hurt himself during the workout, because this is the only thing that makes him feel alive, and the only thing he naively think could protect him from all the hurts.

On Chan has not only shown his good song writing skills as he composes this moving song, he has also shown his superb acting skills in the music video, where he acted as the man who has just broken up with his loved one, and spends his time in the gym to release his emotions. However, his strong body could not fend against the happy yet painful memories of him and his loved one, where he eventually broke down and train even harder. While not all men express their emotions through such extreme ways, this song has shed some light to how some men would handle their negative emotions, and that behind every strong and muscular body, may lie a broken and delicate heart.

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