• Title: 30 Years of Professional Lovelorn (專業失戀30年)
  • Artist: C AllStar
  • Runtime: 3:57   Language: Cantonese
  • Date: June 26, 2016

The road to love is not always plain sailing, and it is very difficult to find the right person at once. Being crossed in love has become an unavoidable lesson for many people on the way to a life-time relationship; however, not everyone can handle the pain and bewilderment after a broken love.

In C AllStars’ new single 30 Years of Professional Lovelorn (專業失戀30年), the group presented an objective and mature angle to look at how to better understand life after losing a relationship. The song was composed by Cousin Fund and Nic Tsui, with lyrics written by Wyman Huang (黃偉文), and it used humorous but encouraging language, narrated an attitude of life that is “dare to start, dare to be disappointed, dare to stay apart.”

Acted by HaoBang Leung (梁浩邦) and LuLu Tung, the music video told a story about a lovelorn went to a bar to get drunk after being crossed in love, but met a kind bartender, who enlightened the lovelorn with a whole new perspective to love and life. With the bartender’s help, the lovelorn finally understood the true meaning of love and returned to happiness. “The most superior beggar, the most inferior genius” is the metaphor for the reality that everyone is a beginner in the love journey. You may have acted stupidly for the past, but going forward, you should exert yourself and face your disappointment bravely, you will have a brilliant future.

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