• Title: Days Gone By (經過一些秋與冬)
  • Artist: Dear Jane
  • Runtime: 4:35   Language: Cantonese
  • Date: September 25, 2016

Dear Jane’s newest single, Days Gone By (經過一些秋與冬), is the final episode of the love story between Haoran Chen and Xiaoman Gao. Together with You and Me (哪裡只得我共你)and Lost (只知感覺失了縱), Dear Jane released three singles to narrate the love story, which is a very interesting way to attract the audience.

Days Gone By described Haoran’s emotional journey after he broke up with his girlfriend, Xiaoman. The lyrics expressed his deep regret to the end of their relationship. Unfortunately, time cannot flow backwards, and Haoran has lost the opportunity to do the repair.

Stared by Jason Wu and Angela Yuen, the music video carried the story from the previous videos, and directed the audience to the precious memories between Haoran and Xiaoman. Jason Wu did a great job in narrating Haoran’s regret to what he has done to the relationship, and guiding the audience to follow the love story like watching a movie. While the relationship has come to the end, when Haoran met Xiaoman with another man, the only thing he could do was to give a big smile. Every relationship needs care and effort to maintain. If you waited for too long to do that, it will be too late. When Haoran realized he should have done better, he has lost the privilege to care for his loved one forever.

So please cherish the person important to your life, rather than regret it later.

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