• Title: Final Embrace (終點的擁抱)
  • Artist: Dear Jane
  • Runtime: 4:46   Language: Cantonese
  • Date: May 21, 2017

We are walking on this journey towards death, from the moment we are given life.

With a heavy heart, Dear Jane released a new single “Final Embrace” (終點的擁抱), which is dedicated to their guitarist Howie’s mother. Delicately and lovingly written and composed by Howie, the song talks about how unbearable and painful it is to lose a loved one. In the lyrics, memories of embracing one’s loved one seem so fresh and real, and promises seem to have made only yesterday. Yet, nobody can defy the law of time and destiny, for when it is time to go, one can only patiently wait till he can see his loved one again and give one more embrace at the final destination of life – death. However, before the time comes, one should cherish his life and live to the fullest, so that those in heaven will be assured and leave in peace.

As the lyrics may suggest, Howie has written this song for his mother who has passed away, therefore, Dear Jane is seen playing in a room with white candles and white roses, which signify one’s passing. Howie is also seen writing the lyrics of the song and put into a glass bottle, before throwing towards the sea, hoping that his song could reach her. Life is short, and we can never overcome death. Hence, cherish all the moments you have with your loved ones, so that even if one day that important person has to leave this world, you can say goodbye without any regrets.

Dear Jane will be having their concert “Dear Jane You & Me Live 2017” (Dear Jane哪裡只得我共你Live 2017) at Macau on July 15.

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