• Bio
  • Eason Chan / Chen Yi Xun (陳奕迅)
  • Born in Hong Kong on July 27, 1974 (Leo)
  • Studied architecture in Kingston University (UK)
  • Cantopop and Mandopop Singer, Songwriter, Actor and Entrepreneur
  • Debuted on 1995 immediately after winning the first place in the 1995 New Talent Singing Awards Competition
  • Started his own music production company, EAS Music in 2012
  • Considered as Hong Kong’s “god of song”, “King of Asian Pop”
  • Record Label: Universal Music (present), EAS Music, Cinepoly Records, Music Plus, Capital Aritsts
  • Albums: Getting Ready, Rice & Shine, The Key, 5/F Blissful (上午樓的快活), Don’t Want To Let Go (不想放手), Admit It (認了吧), U87
  • Popular Songs: Love Transfer (愛情轉移), Ten Year (十年), Fu Kua (浮誇), Long Time No See (好久不見)
  • Awards: Top Ten Golden Melody Award, Male Singer Of The Year Award, Album Of The Year Award
  • Films: Lavender (薰衣草), Twelve Nights (十二夜), Golden Chicken (金雞)
  • Videos
Combining the Chinese and Western music elements, Eason Chan's (陳奕迅) new single Who Will Cut the Moonlight...
The “god of songs” Eason Chan, delicately sings a song of love, friendship, betrayal and hope, from a...
  • Albums
  • Who Will Cut the Moonlight (誰來剪月光)
  • Single  ·  August 4, 2017
  • Four Seasons (四季)
  • Single  ·  September 29, 2016
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