• Title: Our Valentine's Day (我們的情人節)
  • Artist: Elvis Tian
  • Runtime: 3:55   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: March 6, 2016

A song that captures the romantic spirit of Valentine’s Day, Elvis Tian’s “Our Valentine’s Day” from the album I am Elvis is a song about waiting for love and making the most of it when it appears. Every day can be Valentine’s Day for a couple when they find each other. In the video, Elvis can be seen with blonde hair, stylish clothing and light make-up. He’s frequently seen waiting, perhaps waiting for his love to appear, but he also has a good time enjoying the moment by himself and shows off before the camera now and then.

Also featured in this video is Popu Lady's Ting-Hsuan who kicks off the song by giving Elvis a call to remind him of Valentine's Day. This pleasant and light-hearted song displays Elvis's potential for a long-lasting career in music.

Watch Elvis Tian - Our Valentine’s Day - Rehearsal Clips
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