• Title: The Chaos After You (如果雨之後)
  • Artist: Eric Chou
  • Runtime: 5:32   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: January 12, 2018

If people could understand love better at the beginning, could the ending of their love stories be different? This question might have crashed into people's mind after listening to Eric Chou's (周興哲) The Chaos After You (如果雨之後), which is the title track of Eric's newest album with and same name.

Composed by Eric and written by Wu I-Wei (吳易緯) and Eric, the lyrics of song narrated a sad story through describing Eric's inner world after the relationship between him and his lover was ended. Although they both truly loved each other, life was unpredictable and they had to be apart against their wishes. While Eric couldn't keep the lover on his side, he never stopped thinking of her and the time they spent together. She was unreplaceable in his heart, and he was willing to go wherever she went.

The music video invited Wu Qian (吳倩) as the special guest, together performed a sorrow love story. The story started in a spring, in which Eric and Wu Qian met in a coffee shop where Eric worked. The common dream of competing in a piano championship in the following year brought the two together as a couple. Unfortunately, Wu Qian had an accident that disabled her right hand, and she was no longer able to play piano. The reality destroyed Wu Qian's dream and turned her into a moody person who always fight with Eric. The relationship was then dead. A year later, Eric became a pianist and held his performance on the stage. After the performance, he saw Wu Qian's signature on the autograph book, making him realize the love between them is still alive.

How wonderful it will be if love is as simple as just the feeling for each other? Unfortunately, love can be changed by many external factors in the real life. Sometimes it only takes one incident to turn love into regret. Maybe music is the best thing to heal your wound in moments like this. If you like Eric's music, you may see him in person on January 21 in Taipei, where he will be holding a sign and sing event!

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