• Title: L.I.E (엘라이)
  • Artist: EXID
  • Runtime: 4:24   Language: Korean
  • Date: June 12, 2016

EXID released a new song that is colorful, but with a few dark lyrics. The song L.I.E from their new album, Street, is about how they are back stabbed by a guy who is lying to them and cheating on them. The girls sing about how they feel betrayed and how they wish to see the guy suffer because they can't stand him anymore.

The music video sets place in a hotel where the girls dress up as hotel workers. A guy and a girl with a mask comes in and we see the girls giving him the evil eye. He is obviously the liar. Although the girls keep a sweet, innocent face, we see them show their vengeful as they pound meat, spy on the couple, and go crazy in the hallway. In the end, they all seem to be happy and satisfied as the main guy explodes. L.I.E includes participation of LE in writing the lyrics and music for the song.

Watch EXID - L.I.E - Dance Version
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