• Title: Night Rather Than Day (낮보다는 밤 )
  • Artist: EXID
  • Runtime: 3:25   Language: Korean
  • Date: April 23, 2017

Nights are known for being full of wild fun, and that’s exactly what EXID sings about in their new track, Night Rather Than Day. With lyrics and composition by Shinsadong Tiger, Keebomb and LE, the song comes from their mini album Eclipse.

The lyrics describe how having a busy schedule makes it difficult to spend time with your lover. The daytime is nice, they sing, but crowded and lit by the harsh sunlight. The night, however, has a softer light, more mystery and many dark places to escape to. EXID is calling out to their lover, asking him to meet up and stay all night with them.

In the music video, EXID flaunts their trendy style with fun choreography. The graffiti and neon lights give off a modern, cool-girl vibe. The dimly lit scenery, along with nighttime outdoor dancing help set the relaxed, fun mood of the song.

Eclipse contains five other songs, including the instrumental version of Night Rather Than Day. EXID member Solji did not participate on the album due to health reasons and fans wish her the best. More fun tunes await, so head over and check out the rest of the songs!

Watch EXID - Night Rather Than Day - Dance Practice
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