• Title: SUPER FLY
  • Artist: Exile The Second
  • Runtime: 4:43   Language: Japanese
  • Date: February 26, 2017

"SUPER FLY" is one of the newest singles from EXILE THE SECOND, and also part of their upcoming album ("BORN TO BE WILD") in March 1st. "SUPER FLY" is a quintessential party song. It has no particular message or story, but simply calls on their listeners to forget their troubles and get dancing.

The music video for "SUPER FLY" was made to be a celebration of the release of EXILE THE SECOND's other three recent videos ("Shut up!! Shut up!! Shut up!!," "YEAH!! YEAH!! YEAH!!," and "WILD WILD WILD"). It also serves as a bit of an homage to those videos, containing references here and there to their imagery and themes (the man in tribal attire who catches the drink at the bar, for instance, is from "WILD WILD WILD"). Despite the fact that the "SUPER FLY" video was made as a celebration of work completed, it still contains the same complex, spot-on choreography as their other videos. However, the "party" vibe is enhanced by the fact that rather than their usual hip-hop style, the dancing is all arranged in a retro Western style -- garish suits, disco ball and all!

EXILE THE SECOND's "WILD WILD WARRIORS" live tour began in October 2016 and is schedule to continue until late April 2017 throughout Japan.

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