• Title: Paradise
  • Artist: F.T. Island
  • Runtime: 4:10   Language: Japanese
  • Date: September 2, 2017

"Paradise" is the title track from F.T. Island's newest single. From the pure soft rock music to the beautiful vocals from Lee Hong Gi, "Paradise" is definitely a song you want to give a listen. Written by Lee Hong Gi, "Paradise" is a sweet and simple love song which talks about how when you are with the one you truly love, all your day-to-day worries are tossed aside and everything is OK. When you are with your love, any place that you are is a paradise; and you may find yourself checking again and again that they are indeed beside you, and feeling again and again that thrill as you confirm that you aren't within a dream.

The video for "Paradise" is doused with sunny colors and drifting feathers, evoking the warm and airy feeling of being in love as well as visually connecting love with an atmosphere of the divine.

F.T. Island's Autumn Tour 2017 -Here is Paradise-, which will be an approximately one-month tour, begins in early September 7th and ends on the 29th and features stops in Tokyo, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Aichi, Miyagi, Osaka in Japan.

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