• Title: Take Me Now
  • Artist: F.T. Island
  • Runtime: 4:51   Language: Korean
  • Date: July 24, 2016

F.T. Island released a new music video for their song, Take Me Now, from their sixth album, Where's the Truth. This album is self-composed by the band, including the lyrics. The song is purely rock, which is what the band is well-known for.

The lyrics talk about how they are trying to find the truth and seeking out their own path. They sing that even though they may sometime lose their way or be a bit insane, they will still find a way to discover the truth. The truth can be self-identity or life goals, depending on how each person defines their path. They also say that despite the obstacles and no help for other not to doubt them. They want others to trust them and take them as they are, alluding to the title of the song.

The video symbolizes their lyrics very well in an artistic way. We also see the band rock out and become themselves. From a little girl throwing a fiery bouquet to a woman taking off her gas mask from crowd of masked people, we can infer that the song talks about identity and finding one's own path even though it may not fit the crowd.

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