• Title: Candy
  • Artist: FAKY
  • Runtime: 3:26   Language: Japanese
  • Date: May 15, 2016

"Candy" is an upbeat song by the Japanese pop band FAKY. The lyrics and composition were done by Hiro and Gifty Dankwah and Bruce Fielder. The music blends hip hop with what sounds like some kind of traditional flute to distinguish it from other pop songs.

The music video is mostly simple, with well coreographed hip-hop moves perfromed by all the members of the band. The thing that makes this video stick out, besides the aforementioned flute, is the cut ins to animated dancing shilouettes. They add an extra layer on top of what's already a nicely paced hip-hop performance.

The lyrics start off by asking you if you'd like to eat the red or blue candy. The whole song seems to be talking about girls taking the initiative, saying boys want more but they (girls) can't be bought like sweet candy. Another layer of depth to the song comes in with the use of English lyrics.

Overall it's a fun upbeat performance from an up and coming band with potential. Their new album entitled "Candy" will be dropping on May 24th, and they'll be attending the CIRCUS Tokyo event on May 28th.

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