• Bio
  • Gloria Tang (鄧紫棋 Deng Ziqi)
  • Stage name G.E.M. stands for Get Everybody Moving
  • Born on August 16, 1991 (Leo) in ShangHai, China
  • Offered a contract by Hummingbird Music (HK), which was her first step into the entertainment industry after winning first place in "Spice it Up" competition.
  • Record labels: Hummingbird Music (HK), Sony Music Entertainment (TW)
  • Popular songs: "Bubble", "Like You", "Heartbeat"
  • Awards: Jade Solid Gold Most Popular New Female Artist & Top 10 Awards, IFPI Hong Kong Top Selling Female Artist, RTHK Top 10 Gold Songs Awards
  • Videos
- Till death do us part - G.E.M. recently released a new Mandarin song, which is written for the American science fiction...
Song written by G.E.M., produced by Lupo Groinig, and the MV was directed by Shane Drake. This single is in G.E.M.'s new...
  • Albums
  • Light Years Away (光年之外)
  • Single  ·  December 30, 2016
  • Heartbeat
  • Album  ·  November 6, 2015
  1. Long Distance (多远都要在一起)
  2. Goodbye (再见)
  3. Heartbeat (新的心跳)
  4. Away (来自天堂的魔鬼)
  5. Blindspot (盲点)
  6. One Way Road (单行的轨道)
  7. Against the Wind (一路逆风)
  8. Therefore (于是)
  9. Moment (瞬间)
  10. Chuck Close (查克靠近)
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