• Title: Love Whisper (귀를 기울이면)
  • Artist: GFriend
  • Runtime: 4:16   Language: Korean
  • Date: August 13, 2017

GFriend is out on a fun-filled summer adventure to find love's calling in "Love Whisper", the lead track for their fifth mini album "Parallel". Packed with soothing visual aesthetics and a bubbling music to boot, "Love Whisper" leaves us with a warm, fuzzy feeling, making it a perfect soundtrack for a sweet summer romance.

"Love Whisper" preaches about the intricacies hidden within a simple, precious love. The music is a gentle call that invites us to wander, to explore, and to travel down memory lane to reminisce treasured memories, down to the slightest yet most heart fluttering moments. GFriend sings about a love that is so pure, so sincere that it can be heard without even having to be spoken. The girls promise a kind of love that is available anytime, anywhere-- across clear skies and green fields-- just as long as you close your eyes and listen.

The music video is peppered with lush, picturesque labdscape that is a stark contrast to the usual hustle and bustle. Topped with GFriend's energy and enthusiasm, "Love Whisper" is an open invitation to falling in love and escaping reality. Of course, GFriend never disappoints with their impressive vocals and crisp, on-point choreography, even gracefully dancing barefoot on water as they sing about a love so sweet and subtle. "Love Whisper" is a must watch! Go ahead! Sing along, dance along and enjoy the radiant summer vibes from GFriend's newest mini album "Parallel".

Watch GFriend - Love Whisper - Dance Practice Video
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