• Bio
  • Gin Lee (李幸倪)
  • Born in Johor, Malaysia on August 26, 1987 (Virgo).
  • Began learning music at an early age from the influence of her parents.
  • Graduated in 2009 from the International College of Music (ICOM) in Malaysia.
  • Become popular in Hong Kong from her Cantopop songs.
  • Debuted in 2009 with her album One and Only.
  • Record labels: Universal Music (present), Fretlezz Production, BMA
  • Albums: One and Only, Here I Come, Gin Lee
  • Popular Songs: “Rose's story,” “Falling,” “I Said,” “Both,” One Plus One”
  • Awards: Malaysian Music Industry Awards, Best New Artist at Entertainment Association Awards.
  • Videos
At first watch, Gin Lee’s (李幸倪) new music video for her latest single Very Strong (很堅強) might be confusing to...
Our priorities decide how we spend our time. Therefore, one of the challenges in life is probably deciding how to arrange...
Living a life needs to make many decisions. When standing in front of the intersection of life, which way should you choose? In...
Gin Lee sings the Cantonese song "Man Under the Moon" (月球下的人) with sweetness and grace. For the lyrics, she...
  • Albums
  • Very Strong (很堅強)
  • Single  ·  January 19, 2018
  • Say Goodbye to Everyday (和每天講再見)
  • Single  ·  June 20, 2017
  • Stewardess (空姐)
  • Single  ·  April 7, 2017
  • Man Under The Moon (月球下的人)
  • Single  ·  March 25, 2016
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