• Bio
  • Hitomi Kaji (加治ひとみ)
  • Born on February 25, 1984 (Pisces) in Tokyo, Japan
  • Debuted in 2012 as part of the J-pop duo KAJI on the INTELLIGENCE. The duo consisted of herself as singer / songwriter and her sound producer Hayato Tanaka.
  • Won the artist Grand Prix award with Avex in 2014, leading to a contract with Avex.
  • Record label: Avex Trax
  • Her debut was unveiled to a crowd of 30,00 at the Tokyo Girls Collection 2015 SPRING / SUMMER.
  • Videos
“Love Song” is the title track from Hitomi Kaji’s first abum “NAKED”, and also the theme song for...
Have you ever lost yearned for someone or something you loved and lost? This song, filled with high strung emotions, captures...
  • Albums
  • Album  ·  March 1, 2017
  1. Love Song (ラヴソング)
  2. Kyouhan Sha (共犯者)
  3. Cover Girl
  4. Ti Amo
  5. In My Hi-Heel
  6. Closer
  7. Bad Girl
  8. butterfly
  9. Kono Yoru Wo Tome Te Yo (この夜を止めてよ)
  10. Aizu (アイズ)
  11. Rule Ihan (ルール違反)
  12. Ballad (バラード)
  • Rule Ihan (ルール違反)
  • Album  ·  January 27, 2016
  1. Recollection (Overture)
  2. Rule Ihan (ルール違反)
  3. Accomplice (共犯者)
  4. Time Machine (タイムマシン)
  5. As I am
  6. mean
  7. Let it shine
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