• Title: Love Song (ラヴソング)
  • Artist: Hitomi Kaji
  • Runtime: 4:59   Language: Japanese
  • Date: March 5, 2017

Love Song” is the title track from Hitomi Kaji’s first abum “NAKED”, and also the theme song for popular Japanese drama, “Tramps Like Us” (きみはペット). Egami Kotaro composed this song, and Hitomi herself wrote the lyrics. In fact, Hitomi wrote all of the lyrics for all of her track in her album “NAKED”, as she is quite a bit of a lyricist and wrote lyrics for few hundred songs in the past two years. She strives to become an artist that “Remains in somebody’s heart

Love Song” features a damsel in distress, a girl who pretends to be strong, but still anxious about the future of her relationship. This girl feels like trashing everything when she feels unstable and nervous, and is afraid the more happy memories they make together, the more it would hurt post break-up. She tries to believe in ever-lasting love with her lover, and sings her lover this love song, saying they needn’t be afraid of other people’s eyes. “Hand in hand, we could walk on forever if you stay besides me” the girl sings softly to her lover.

The music video reflects the lyrics, and starts off with two lovers breaking up. The lovers each reminiscence about the happy memories they had together as a couple, and feels devastated inside. The guy then runs back to his girlfriend, to remedy their relationship. Then he proceeds to tell her not to go, and they kiss under the falling snow with tears in their eyes.

Give a listen to this lovely song and watch the bottom album preview video.

Watch Hitomi Kaji - NAKED - Album Preview
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