• Title: Scarlet Kadsura (サネカズラ)
  • Artist: HOWL BE QUIET
  • Runtime: 4:51   Language: Japanese
  • Date: January 15, 2017

Scarlet Kadsura” is the title track of HOWL BE QUIET’s third single. Written and composed by Kota Takenawa, the song is a lovely but melancholy piano ballad that strongly features Takenawa on piano.

Both the music and lyrics clearly denote that this is a breakup song. Takenawa’s voice has a reserved, slightly remorseful quality to it as he sings about both the girl and himself moving on, finding other people, and “covering up love with another love.” The subject of the song seems to be searching for the strength to move past this bad breakup as he wonders whether he can forget her.

The video complements the music and lyrics perfectly, helping to fully tell the story behind the song. The background is muted grey and white, with Takenawa sitting at a white grand piano dressed all in black. In the scenes that feature the whole band, Takenawa matches the rest of the band’s white outfits.

In the forefront sits a bored looking girl in red who is distracted by her phone for most of the video. The dynamic of Takenawa in the background and the girl in front makes it seem like he is trying to reach her with his words, but she has closed herself off to him. At the climax of the song he walks over and rips the phone out of her hands, speaking harshly to her before giving up and returning the phone. The girl gets up and walks away in the end. This makes us to think how breakup ended on bad terms and what's the aftermath.

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