• Bio
  • Hyolyn (효린, Hyorin)
  • Real name: Kim Hyo-jung (김효정)
  • Born on January 11, 1991 (Capricorn) in Incheon, South Korea
  • Record Label: Starship Entertainment
  • Genre: K-pop, R&B
  • Debuted as a member of Sistar in June 2010 with single Push Push.
  • Formed subunit Sistar19 with Bora and debuted in 2011.
  • Albums: Love & Hate (debut solo album in November 26, 2013)
  • Popular songs: "One Step", "I Miss You", "One Way Love", "Crazy of You", "Goodbye", "Love Line"
  • Dramas: Dream High Season 2 (actor debut in 2012)
  • Sang the Korean version of “Let It Go” for Disney movie Frozen, becoming the 2nd Korean singer to be featured by Disney.
  • Participated in singing competition such as I am a Singer, Masked Singer and Unpretty Rapstar 2
  • Sang the original soundtrack for drama, Master's Sun, titled "You Make Me Go Crazy"
  • Videos
Welcome to paradise. It comes in the form of Hyolyn’s Paradise, lead single of her 2nd EP, It’s Me. This fast and...
Vocal goddess Hyolyn is back with the single Love Like This. It’s an easy going song and the vocals start without an...
  • Albums
  • IT’S ME
  • Album  ·  November 8, 2016
  1. Paradise (파라다이스)
  2. Love Like This - Feat. Dok2
  3. One Step - feat. Jay Park
  4. Go Away (꺼져)
  5. Slow - feat. Jooheon
  6. Dope
  • One Step - feat. Jay Park
  • Single  ·  November 1, 2016
  1. One Step - feat. Jay Park
  • Love Like This - Feat. Dok2
  • Single  ·  October 26, 2016
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