• Title: Wannabe - Feat. San E
  • Artist: Hyoyeon
  • Runtime: 3:06   Language: Korean
  • Date: June 11, 2017

Hyoyeon, who you may know from Girls Generation has teamed up with rapper, San E for her new single called Wannabe. The song was composed by Afshin Salmani, Josh Cumbee and Sidnie Tipton, with lyrics by San E himself, JQ, DADA and others.

The lyrics tell a story of a betrayed it-girl. Hyoyeon is the popular girl who everybody loves and wants to be like, but her boyfriend appears to be distracted by someone else. Tired of the sweet lies, Hyoyeon wants the truth. She feels she should’ve known he was trouble at the very beginning. San E steps in with his rap, playing the role of the boyfriend. He tries to charm her with cuteness and a handbag, but Hyoyeon is having none of it.

With her music video set in a gym and boxing ring, Hyoyeon exudes the allure of a fierce, no-nonsense woman. Her edgy style, and choreography in the shadowy dim lighting hint that she’s not afraid of anything.

Channel your inner it-girl with some of Hyoyeon’s dance moves! Watch the Wannabe dance practice video for more fun.

Watch Hyoyeon - Wannaba - Dance Practice
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