• Title: #WYD (오늘모해)
  • Artist: iKON
  • Runtime: 3:44   Language: Korean
  • Date: June 5, 2016

iKON released a new single called #WYD, short for "what you doing." The song is serene and clean with each of the members hanging out with their special girl. We see them share fun, cute moments with each other. Fans will definitely enjoy this music video as they wish to have relationships such as the ones shown.

The song is a simple love song that sings about how the guy cannot get the girl off of his mind. He definitely cares about as he's always asking her, in his mind, of what she is doing. The guy wishes to see her and be with her because that is the time he is the happiest. He sees her in his dreams and is curious of whether the girl is thinking about him, too.

In addition to the MV release, member Yunhyeong released his NIVEA MEN - "SHOW ME THE SKIN" commercial video.

Watch Yungyeong - NIVEA MEN - SHOW ME THE SKIN
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