• Bio
  • IU – Lee Ji-eun (이지은)
  • Birthdate: Born May 16, 1993 (Taurus) in South Korea
  • Genres: K-pop, Ballad
  • After 10 months of training with LEON Entertainment, IU officially made her solo debut in 2008, with her single Lost Child from the EP Lost and Found.
  • Record Labels: LEON Entertainment, Universal Music Japan, Warner Music Taiwan
  • Popular Songs: Twenty-three, Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossoms, You & I,
  • Awards/Achievements: Rookie of the Month (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism award), KBS Drama Award for Best New Actress
  • Albums: Growing Up (2009), Last Fantasy (2011), Modern Times (2013), Chat-shire (2015)
  • The stage name “IU” was coined by LOEN Entertainment before her 2008 debut. It comes from the phrase “I and You”, symbolizing the uniting force between people and music.
  • Film/drama: IU has appeared in several films and dramas including "Dream High", "You're the Best, Lee Soon-shin", "Pretty Man", "The Producers" and "Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo".
  • Videos
IU adds a unique emotion and colors to her remake of the song ‘Last Night Story’. The song is from her second...
Ending Scene (이런 엔딩) is IU’s heartbreakingly sweet song from her new album, Palette. Ending Scene, a soft and...
"Through the Night" is the newly released soft ballad and first single from IU’s upcoming album Palette. The...
  • Albums
  • Kkot-Galpi #2: A Flower Bookmark
  • Album  ·  September 22, 2017
  1. Autumn Morning (가을 아침)
  2. Secret Garden (비밀의 화원)
  3. Sleepless Rainy Night (잠 못 드는 밤 비는 내리고)
  4. Last Night Story (어젯밤 이야기)
  5. By the Stream (개여울)
  6. Everyday with You (매일 그대와)
  • Palette
  • Album  ·  April 21, 2017
  1. Dlwlrma (이 지금)
  2. Palette (팔레트) - feat. G-DRAGON
  3. Ending Scene (이런 엔딩)
  4. Can't Love You Anymore (사랑이 잘) - With Ohhyuk
  5. Jam Jam (잼잼)
  6. Black Out
  7. Full Stop (마침표)
  8. Through the Night (밤편지)
  9. Love Alone (그렇게 사랑은)
  10. Dear Name (이름에게)
  • Through the Night (밤편지)
  • Single  ·  March 24, 2017
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