• Title: I Have Myself (我有我自己)
  • Artist: Janice Yan
  • Runtime: 4:31   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: November 19, 2017

Janice Yan (閻奕格), in her new song “I Have Myself” (我有我自己), encourages everyone to believe in themselves more. Written by famous lyricist Derek Shih (施人诚), the lyrics talk about how much one alone can accomplish, and how many difficulties and obstacles one alone can overcome. Even though there are moments where one is filled with envy, as she sees people relying on their given advantages or good luck, the lyrics reiterates that life is fair and one should not give in to despair and disappoint herself. The song is composed by both Joel@Koh and Venk (杨子朴), where the duo has together created a rock style music with heavy beats, which not only complements Janice’s powerful and soulful voice, it also sends a powerful message about the power of an individual.

Janice is featured in the video, where she is seen running alone on the streets, as if chasing or running away from something. Her run signifies the path of life, where her tears portray that there are times when it can become weary and depressing, but life goes on and you have to give your all. She continues to run from the city to the sea, and ends the run with a victorious smile on her face, which depicts an individual who has overcame all life difficulties to become a better and stronger person. So do not be discouraged when life is hitting you hard, because you can bounce back stronger if you believe in yourself!

Janice Yan will be having her “I Have Myself” concert in Hong Kong on Dec 12, 2017.

Watch I Have Myself - Making of MV
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