• Title: Dominate Love Song (霸氣情歌)
  • Artist: Jason Chan
  • Runtime: 4:27   Language: Cantonese
  • Date: August 27, 2017

Marriage, is a phase in life where one finally finds the soulmate of his life, after a process of searching, failures and lostness.

Jason Chan (陳柏宇), who is recently married to his girlfriend of many years, Leanne (符曉薇), sings a passionate love song to his newly wedded wife. In his new song “Dominate Love Song”(霸氣情歌), he once again affirmed his love for her, as well as assuring her that they will brave all future life’s challenges together. The song is lovingly created by his two talented good friends, with Phil Lam (林奕匡) as the composer and Wyman Wong (黃偉文) the lyricist. The soft and warm tone of the music creates a perfect harmony with Jason’s delicate and affectionate voice, bringing all listeners to share the happiness with the newlyweds.

The music video is taken in one-shot, which brilliantly captures the movement of time that proceeds in a single direction, just like the movement of life. It features Jason slowly dressing up and interacting with several items around him, seemingly searching for the “right one”. He then wears a black blazer, holds a bouquet of flowers with a ring, and stands in the middle of a maze, which signifies the anxiety and sense of lost when facing the next phase of his life. However, he eventually smiles and gets ready to hold the hand of the girl in wedding dress, taking big strides towards marriage and a better future.

Finally, congratulations Jason and wishing you and Leanne a happy and blissful marriage!

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