• Title: Stolen Love (竊愛)
  • Artist: Jay Chou
  • Runtime: 3:25   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: May 22, 2016

Keeping his oath of producing an MV for every song for his fans, Jay Chou once again delivers another masterpiece for an overdue track. The single “Stolen Love” (竊愛),was composed by Chou himself with lyrics written by Huang Chun-lang (黃俊郎) and arrangement by Jason Huang Yuxun (黃雨勳). The track belongs to his latest album ”Aiyo, not bad” (哎呦,不錯哦), which was released back in December 2014.

Stolen Love” (竊愛) was filmed in Venice, the romantic city of water, filled in a mixture of Italy’s traditional and modern dances, It takes you back into early modern period of Italy, where the wealthy and influential families would often attend masquerade party as a form of socializing, whereby the males would often invite a lady for a dance.

The song speaks about a hidden infatuation which would never come to light, yet the protagonist, deeply mesmerized by the beauty continues to protect her secretly. Despite his action were not known to his love, he is intrigue with relation of being a secret admirer, as he patiently awaits for her embrace.

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