• Title: Twilight (不為誰而作的歌)
  • Artist: JJ Lin
  • Runtime: 5:12   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: December 13, 2015

How many heroes in your life have you left forgotten? Twilight starts with a powerful piano introduction, bringing viewers into the first scene, showing a concert that only true ground breaking artistes can perform in. Within the performance, control of the melody, ambience, tune, emotions, all lead to the creation of the perfect song - not for anyone, but for that tiny sincere voice within your heart. For yourself. In an arbitrary world where only you exist.

The scenes in the MV depicts acts of heroism that we forget. Have you also forgotten that someone? Have we forgotten to take a moment to think, to let the silence remind us of how it is like to be thankful. Song written and composed by JJ Lin himself from his self-reflection; lyrics written by JJ with the help of Eric Lin (林秋离). This song is one of his title track in the album From M.E. to Myself, coming in 25th December 2015.

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