• Title: For the First Time (碰不上會更美)
  • Artist: Jonathan Wong
  • Runtime: 4:30   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: April 24, 2016

Jonathan Wong's For the First Time (碰不上會更美) is written by himself and gains him an entrance ticket into the third season of the Chinese talent show Sing My Song in 2016. Along with the soft-paced guitar melody, the song recounts a beautiful autobiographic love story of Jonathan himself about how he misses a lost love.

As he progresses in his life and career in his weary body, all he is left is his sentiments towards his past love. Recounting the memories, Jonathan sings his way out from the dead-end ripple from missing the girl. He acknowledges that his feeling will not reach to the girl, while paradoxically, he also does not wish that the girl will know because all he believes that it will be a better story if they had never met before.

As music is what singers treasure as their only one constant companion, this song softly articulates the melancholy of a singer through music, echoing towards the singer that he is not lonely.

In addition, as Jonathan enters the competition Sing My Song with this song, For the First Time has received compliments from wide. In March, Jonathan himself became part of David Tao's top 6, as well as the first representative of Hong Kong in the third season of the show.

Watch Jonathan Wong - For the First Time - AJA Mix (feat. Apple Garden and AR)
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