• Bio
  • KARD (카드)
  • A South Korean group formed by DSP Media in 2016
  • Composed of four permanent members, including J. seph (제이셉), B.M. (비엠), Somin (전소민), and Jiwoo (전지우). It also has a hidden member Heo Youngji (허영지)
  • Planning to release three project singles before their official debut, two of which have been released in December 2016 and February 2017.
  • Genres: K-pop, Electronica
  • Record Label: DSP Media
  • Popular Song: Oh NaNa
  • Member Somin was a member of Japanese girl group Puretty between 2012 and 2014; she also reached the finals of Kara Project, which is a television program, where she finished at the second place; she then debuted as the leader of DSP Media's girl group APRIL in 2015.
  • Member B.M. was feasured in Goo Ha-ra's song "La La La" on her debut extended play Alohara, and was her dance partner for the lead single "Choco Chip Cookies."
  • Videos
KARD delivers the tragedy of a distorted love with an EDM song “You In Me” from their newest album entitled...
“Hola Hola”, the title track from KARD’s first mini album, is a song that’s the best of summer, warm...
Rumor is the addictive new single from K.A.R.D. With lyrics by Nassun and the group’s very own B.M., and composition by...
Shortly after K.A.R.D's Project Vol. 1, "Oh NaNa", this South Korean group released its second project single...
  • Albums
  • You & Me
  • Album  ·  November 21, 2017
  1. Into You
  2. Trust Me (J.seph & Jiwoo Ver.)
  3. Push & Pull
  4. Jinikka (지니까)
  5. You In Me
  6. Trust Me (BM & Somin Ver.)
  • Hola Hola
  • Album  ·  July 19, 2017
  1. Oh NaNa
  2. Don't Recall
  3. Rumor
  4. Hola Hola
  5. I Can't Stop (난 멈추지 않는다)
  6. Living Good (Special Thanks to)
  • Rumor
  • Single  ·  April 24, 2017
  • Don't Recall
  • Single  ·  February 16, 2017
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