• Bio
  • Kenji Wu / Wu Kequn (吳克群)
  • Born in Taiwan on October 18, 1979 (Libra)
  • Taiwanese Mandopop singer-songwriter and actor
  • Moved to Argentina at six, came back to Taiwan in 2000 to compete in MTV Taiwan’s “New Artist Fight Game”
  • Signed to Virgin Music after the competition and released his debut album “Tomorrow, Alone” in 2000
  • Record Label: Warner Music (present), Virgin records, Seed Music
  • Popular Songs: You are so cute feat. Song Ji Hyo (你好可愛 feat. 宋智孝), Things I'd never do (那些我再也不做的事), You are my Jupiter (你是我的星球), Poems For You (為你寫詩)
  • Awards: Most Popular Sing-songwriter in HITO Radio Music Awards
  • Albums: The Kenji Show (大頑家), A General Order (將軍令), On The Way To The Stars (數星星的人), How To Deal With Loneliness? (寂寞來了怎麼辦?)
  • Drama: Peach Girl (蜜桃女孩), Moonlight Forest (月亮森林), The Rose (薔薇之戀), Love Recipe (料理情人夢)
  • Film: Rain Coat aka Love at 7-11 (雨衣aka7-11之戀), The Fatality (絕魂印), The Old Cinderella (脫軌時代), 708090: Shenzhen Love Story (708090之深圳戀歌)
  • Videos
For some, driving is a good way to heal a broken heart, because it is where they face their true emotions – loneliness,...
If you’re feeling down, fill that sad and lonely heart with a sad song, sing to your heart’s content, and sing till...
Loneliness probably hits the hardest and stays the longest after a breakup, until it becomes an addiction. “Addicted To...
  • Albums
  • Humorous Life (人生超幽默)
  • Album  ·  December 30, 2016
  1. Addicted to Loneliness (孤獨是會上癮的)
  2. Lost in Speed (失速)
  3. Humorous Life - feat. Angel Mo (人生超幽默 - feat. 莫安琪)
  4. Haunted Call (鬼來電)
  5. I Don’t Wanna Compete No More (我不要再比了)
  6. Shandong Chick (山東丫頭)
  7. Weirdo You (奇怪的你)
  8. Nothing Left But Music (窮得只剩音樂)
  9. Losing Voice (失聲)
  10. Pulling Radishes - feat. Yorke Tsai (拔蘿蔔 - feat. 蔡順鵬)
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