• Title: Addicted To Loneliness (孤獨是會上癮的)
  • Artist: Kenji Wu
  • Runtime: 4:06   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: January 15, 2017

Loneliness probably hits the hardest and stays the longest after a breakup, until it becomes an addiction.

Addicted To Loneliness” (孤獨是會上癮的) is one of the songs featured in Kenji Wu’s newly released album “Humorous Life” (人生超幽默), where it delicately talks about a man coping with a sad breakup. The song is written and composed by Kenji himself, and through the melancholic piano melodies, he sings a ballad that expresses a man succumbing to loneliness after the relationship ended, unwilling to move on.

In the MV, Kenji is wet and surrounded with water, and is singing in the middle of the pool. At very last scene, he finally tears uncontrollably and submerges himself into the pool, just as he allows himself to be engulfed in loneliness.

Addicted To Loneliness” is the Mandarin ending song for the Korean television series “Hey Ghost, Let’s fight” (打架吧鬼神).

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