• Title: Sai & Co (最&高)
  • Artist: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
  • Runtime: 3:50   Language: Japanese
  • Date: May 1, 2016

"Sai & Co" is Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's newest single, and was produced by Yasutaka Nakata. In its lyrics, she reflects on the good memories she's made, as well as not getting down about her mistakes. In the MV for "Sai & Co," Kyary begins as a tall robotic drum major, before being reborn at the end of the video as her usual self. The MV is characteristically designed to be both cute and disorienting, as miniature airplanes fly out of circular patches of sky behind her head and small figures march about in time with the music.

This year marks Kyary's fifth anniversary as a singer, therefore, many 5s can be seen hidden throughout her "Sai & Co" MV; including the large number on her hat and the "KPP5" printed on many boxes around her and on the knights' chests. Kyary is scheduled to begin her third world tour (called the "KPP 5iVE YEARS MONSTER WORLD TOUR 2016") in May of 2016, which will include Singapore, Australia, the UK, America, and Taiwan before ending in Tokyo, Japan in August.

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